What makes a leather jacket good?

Padded Leather Jacket

Winter is here and the first winter apparel which comes to our mind is a leather jacket, isn’t it?  Accept it or not but leather jacket is something we all secretly wish to have. Whether girls or boys, we all look for a leather jacket or more precisely whenever we see someone wearing a good leather jacket, we could not stop ourselves from turning our heads! Well, this attractive product deserves this much attention.

Leather jackets fulfill two big purposes of a winter apparel, comfort and style. No matter how much excited we are for winters and the apparel related, there is always so much of concern and worry. Like which jacket should I wear? Will it go with my lowers? Will it safe me from cold? Or would I have to compromise my health by wearing a stylish jacket which is not warm enough? Guess what? Leather jacket is one-go- to winter apparel, which can actually  address all your concerns, it is comfortable, always in trends, and above all it makes you look cool!  But you cannot get all these just like that. Purchasing a high quality leather jacket is usually considered as a one-time event, because of the investment and change it could make to anyone’s pocket. Hence, you should see some important aspects before buying one, so that you can invest somewhere which is worthy and useful. But how would you know what to see, what not to see, what to focus on?  Luckily, we have got you all covered. How? Just go down this post, and you will see what makes a leather jacket good? Or for you, how can you get the privilege of wearing a good leather jacket?

Leather:  You all know that the material of this jacket is what makes it super expensive and costly. So, a good leather jacket needs to have good leather. Now here’s the thing. Less costly jackets usually have leather which is corrected. This comes from animals that have a lot of branding and scarring from how they are brought up. These skins are usually sanded down or for making jackets uniform faux leather grains are smoothened into them. For the same reason, extra sprays and dyes are also used. Eventually these extra coatings make the jacket texture which is super smooth and gives feels of plastic. So look for jacket which gives opposite feels, uneven textured, oily and soft, because they are made from uncorrected skins.

Linings: this is the inside part of the jacket.  Cheaper or not so good jackets normally have synthetic linings, which are of lower grade. Not only do they tear apart very easily, but they also do not breathe well and feels dry. And that is why this is the part of the jacket which falls apart first with time. Yes now you got what part I am talking about exactly.

Good leather jackets have two different linings. The one for the body is usually warmer and higher quality synthetic cottons, sometimes quilted. And the one for the sleeves would be of silk-like fabric which feels beautiful and nice. You must be wondering why? That fabric is called cupro, which is overly breathable and is made from the cotton plant’s fibers.

Top stitching: Imagine a glittery bold text on a wedding card or a shiny name on a trophy, what does it feels like, attractive and fascinating right? Yes that exactly what top stitching is for a leather jacket. It is a decorative stitching done on garments, and is known as highly preferable detail on the jacket. You can find it on edges of pockets and seams, and that adds more visual hit.

Armholes: Now again leather jackets which are not so good usually have armholes which are lower and larger. This would go for most of the people, for different body types, and would eventually clean out the shelves easily. On the other hand, leather jackets which are actually “good” have higher set armholes. Why they are better? Because they facilitate better movement of arm, and makes the overall fit good.

Zippers: We won’t be lying if we say that we want our zippers to be strong and smooth. Not something which is rough or which stops in the midway while we are trying to show off our jacket! Good leather jackets not only have zippers which are well-built and are smooth to zip up but they are also shinier and glossy.

Now tell us, how much did this blog could help you? Well I am quite sure that now you have all the information to buy a good leather jacket and rock!  And don’t you want to rock this winter season with your pals, yes right? You just need to make them read these few tips and insights and you all are ready to shine and makes heads turned!


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