Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can the order be changed or canceled once it has been placed?

The maximum time limit to make changes or cancel your order is 2 days after order placement.

Is there any option of getting customized jackets? What details do I need to provide to avail one?

Yes, you can select “Custom leather Jacket” option and provide us with any Picture or reference with proper details of what you want in your customized order.

None of the given sizes seems to fit me perfectly; can I have a custom fit?

Yes, of course, you can contact to our customer support department then provide your body measurement manually.

What is the average time required to deliver our product at our doorstep?

Normally the time required to deliver the orders is about 10-15 days.

How can I track the shipment of my order?

You will be provided with tracking number along with a link to trace your order through email or text message once it has been dispatched.

Can the delivery address be changed after the order has been placed?

The maximum time limit for changing the shipping address is 3 days after that we would recommend you to reach to the courier company with accurate tracking number and tell them about the new address in case the order has already been dispatched.

What is the average time taken to ship the customized order?

We put our best effort to deliver the customized order within an average time period of 15-20 days.

Can the shipment on a certain date be requested?

When placing the order, you are free to mention the desired delivery date in the comments box.

What is minimum time required to receive the exchanged product?

On the request of exchange, the new order is being processed which takes almost the same days to get shipped as the new order.

Can a regular jacket be replaced or returned for any other kind?

Yes, by reaching out to our Customer support department, you can easily get a regular jacket exchanged for any other style. However, an additional amount (according to the price of the required jacket) has to be paid in case there is any difference in the amounts of the new jacket.

What should be done in case of receiving wrong or damaged product?

We make sure that any issue regarding the damaged product is being resolved right away. In case of finding any fault in the sent parcel, please reach out to our Customer Care team immediately with the following details: -The order details (number) -A proof of the damage (along with the Picture) After we have confirmed the details, we’ll reach back to you within a day and ensure the delivery of the exchanged product as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for the shipping cost of the returned product?

The shipping costs of the returned goods are solely the customer’s responsibility and not ours. The company doesn’t compensate any shipping cost for returned product given by the customer. In case of the product being inaccurate or faulty, we’ll take all the responsibility of the shipping cost.

What is the procedure to return a product?

First you can reach out our customer support department after that send back the product on the same address. Returns are applicable only for the regular styled jacket of regular size.

Would I be entertained if I send back my jacket incase my measurements are wrong or I dislike it?

We have set 30 days return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to receive a full refund or exchanged product, you need to return or replace all the regular orders within the 30-days’ time period after the shipment. Refund or exchange policy is not applicable on customized orders in any case.

Can I return my customized orders and get a refund?

There is no refund or exchange policy for the customized orders. We expect our customers to understand that the customized orders are especially designed for the customers according to their demands and cannot be sold to anybody else.

What terms and conditions make me qualify for a refund?

You can only be entertained for a refund if you meet the following conditions: ● 1. You have bought a regular product which is available in stores. ● 2. It is a non-customized product ● 3. The jacket must be returned in its original packaging and in a proper condition after 30 days of purchase ● 4-Refund or exchange policy is not applicable on customize orders in any scenario.
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