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It is nothing new that a leather jacket is a timeless fashion, never going out of fashion and winter trends. You cannot escape from the fact that every other person desires a perfect leather jacket in his wardrobe. Well, the hype and buzz well deserve for this apparel. A leather jacket has some kind of magical power, which makes you look stylish, chic, and fashionable, no matter what type of color you are wearing. Majorly, it is because of its striking and distinct outlook and high-end durability. There are a variety of leather jackets, which might all look similar at first glance, but are actually different in style and features. But is not it difficult to differentiate them and choose a jacket which you personally love and matches your own style? Well, we have sorted it out for you. Just go down this post, understand the types of leather jackets and increase your fashion knowledge and understanding.

The bomber jacket 

The bomber leather jacket has a super chic and stylish design and has an origin from plane crew members and pilots. And this is the reason why you have also named it “flight jacket”. But now these jackets are taken as a universally flattering style statement. Now how would you recognize this extremely popular leather jacket? If you see any leather jacket which has a defined neckline, ribbed cuffs, ribbed waistband, and loose from the mid-section, then you can call it a bomber jacket. Their stretchy openings enable the jacket to hug your body and provide all warmth and comfort.

The racer jacket

Well, this one might look minimalistic and simple in design, but cannot deny the classic vibes it gives. This one always manages to stand out among other members of its family, in all its minimalistic glory. Have you ever spot a leather jacket with has this symmetric front zipper along with collar style snap tab and two zipped pockets at the front? Yes, that’s the racer jacket! These are the features that give it the characteristic feel and look. Not many details, but always gives a classic, simple and elegant look.

The biker jacket

Alluring and fashionable, are the two words which best describe the biker leather jacket. also, called the older brother of the bomber jacket, this one features a pointed snap collar, asymmetrical zip closure, and other decorations, these jackets emit a fascinating and powerful aura. These classic leather jackets which found more fame after Harley Davidson, have always been the rage and for prominent reasons. They have a range of accessories, like zipped pockets, pins, buckles, studs, and give it the rock star feels and extra character.

The shearling jacket

This jacket has been catching the attention of people for a long and for all the right reasons. With its extremely chic and modern outlook, every other person wants at least one of them in their winter fashion. These leather jackets have continued to be a popular pick for ages now. Shearling jackets have that extra sheet of wool, which surely adds to the comfort, warmth, and ease in the winter season. This jacket is a walking talking style statement for many out there, with its signature collar, cuffs, and cozy interior. This leather jacket is perfect to carry that extremely modern and chic look in winter and grab all the attention you desire.

The fringe jacket

If you want to level up your style game, this jacket is exactly what you need! Want to know why they still are considered the best contemporary fashion choice? It has that distinct and lustrous finish that emits an extravagant yet fun aura. With this extraordinary and unapologetically extra bold outlook, this fringed jacket can be the best choice to rock a party. This type of leather jacket was highly famous among Native Americans and cowboys and was initially designed to shed rain and dry faster. These jackets, as the name tells, have fringes that fall down mid-way of the jacket and that classic signature collar. Hence are really not that difficult to realize, and can easily differentiate among a range of leather jackets.

The leather blazer 

These are quite different from the jackets, considering the style and overall outlook of the apparel. With more sophistication and elegance in them, these leather blazers cannot be compared with other types of leather jackets. Blazers are more elegant and polished. With their features like patch pockets and suited collar, this winter apparel is a perfect choice for any type of event, whether casual, formal or anything in between.

Now you can confidently say what type of leather jacket you are wearing and can easily be a source of extreme fashion knowledge and understanding. not only this, through this blog you can also realize what look and style you desire the most and which type of jacket you would love to wear.

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