Leather Maintenance 101: 3 Tips to Keep Your Leather Jacket in Top Shape

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Leather jackets are no less than legacies, meant to be carried down from generation to generation. But while they exude immense strength and power when worn, they’re not quite as invincible as the Hollywood characters who promoted them.

Most leather jackets are pretty high maintenance. In fact, the more expensive they are, the more care they require, which works pretty well. Since we, leather jacket enthusiasts are quite devoted anyway. To put it lightly—leather jackets are sacred for us, meant to be cherished, flaunted, and protected.

Here are a few ways we love and care for our favorite leather pieces.

Tip No. 1: Leather and Water Aren’t BFFs

While your leather jacket is obviously superbly water-resistant, it’s important to remember it’s not exactly waterproof. Just because it has protected you from rain once doesn’t mean you need to put it through that again.

Too much water can make the leather dry out. The essential oils that give it a beautiful shine will wash out, making the leather stiff and rather dull. So, make sure to swap the leather for a raincoat on a rainy day!

Tip No. 2: Store it Properly

Leather jackets are an exclusive piece of clothing and deserve an exclusive spot in your closet. They’re not meant to sit folded at the back of your closet with your other winter wear.

Make sure you hang them on a wire hanger to maintain the shape and avoid creases. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight but ensure that they get enough air in the closet—which means the other items in your closet need to maintain respectable boundaries.

Tip No. 3: Say No to Heat and Yes to Conditioner

Leather doesn’t do well around heat especially artificial heat from dryers, heating vents, and irons. So, as a general rule, never think about ironing a leather jacket. Don’t even try to steam it. The heat will dry it out and make it, and it might get visible cracks.

On the contrary, make sure you keep the leather well-moisturized. It’ll help restore its shine and prolong the jacket’s life as well. You can use body lotion or any other greasy agent. There are also specific leather conditioners available that work wonderfully.

If you follow these tips, you can rest assured that your leather jacket will always remain in top condition. You’ll probably be passing it on to your children someday, welcoming them to the leather jacket community!

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