Celebrity Leather Jackets – Hollywood Style

Celebrity Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are more than just winter apparel. In Hollywood history, most celebrities wear leather jackets.

Naturally, a piece of clothing alone did not gain this impressive following. It had lots of help from its brand ambassadors in Hollywood! From John Travolta’s celebrity leather jacket in Grease to Victoria Beckham rocking her perfectly fitted leather jacket in real life, these celebrities have played a huge role in the leather jacket industry’s unwavering success.

Here are a few of our favorites from Hollywood!

Tom Cruise Leather Jacket | Mission Impossible

Like Tom Cruise leather jacket, this iconic leather blazer style has not aged a day since worn by Tom Cruise back in Mission Impossible. It’s made from classic lambskin leather in black and looked iconic when it made its debut on the silver screen and somehow holds the same appeal today.

But while the design’s original popularity may be attributed to Cruise and his character, its subtle charm is what has kept it famous for all these decades.

Kristen Steward’s Red Biker Leather Jacket | Charlie’s Angels

Watching Kristen Steward playing Sabina Wilson in the latest installment of Charlie’s Angels was a treat for many reasons. Not only did the former vampire make an excellent secret agent, but her style was also on point!

We loved the red and white leather jacket that looked both iconic and gorgeous on the actress and blended in perfectly with her fiery character.

Harrison Ford’s Roughed Up Bomber | Raiders of The Lost Ark

We don’t know about you, but we can’t picture an Indiana Jones without the iconic jacket. The worn-out and battered men’s bomber jacket in the unique brown shade was perfect for the character. According to some reports, a lot of thought went into getting the jacket just right, and it had to be approved by not only the critical designers but also Harrison Ford himself.

If you’re looking for something with a vintage appeal, you can’t go wrong with this particular design.

Tom Cruise’s G-1 Bomber Jacket | Top Gun

Naturally, Tom Cruise had to make a second appearance on this list for his unforgettable Navy-commissioned bomber in Top Gun—the list is simply incomplete without it!

When you watch Top Gun, it’s impossible to miss this classic flight jacket, mainly due to its unique fur collar and numerous patches. The patches on the iconic brown jacket commemorate real-life missions and are definitely what made the jacket so legendary.

Not only has Hollywood promoted the leather jacket culture a great deal, but it’s also a great place to look if you’re looking for some unique leather jacket inspiration.

Since you’re no less than a celebrity, we highly suggest getting a stunning leather jacket; we’re sure you’ll rock it. It’s impossible not to!

If you’ve found a Hollywood style that aligns with your own, get in touch with our designers. We do custom-made leather jackets and can help you design the leather jacket of your dreams!

We also have an incredible collection of men’s brown fur leather jackets and women’s leather jackets that you can choose from.

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