Leather Jackets 101: 6 Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

girls leather jacket

If you are going to invest in a leather jacket, make sure you first learn how to properly maintain its quality. Unlike most other fabrics, real leather jackets are made out of animal hide and thus, require extra care in washing, cleaning and storing.

We compiled a list of do’s and don’ts of leather jacket maintenance to help you out.

1.     Do Buy Genuine Leather

It goes without saying that natural is always better; this rule applies to leather jackets as well. Unlike synthetic ones, real and original leather jackets are made out of durable animal hide that can last in good condition up to years. That is, if they are properly taken care of.

2.     Do Choose the Right Style

There are so many styles that leather jackets are available in, that it can get confusing trying to find your match. Take your time to do some research about what styles you can buy, what colors you’re going for and what other clothes you could pair a leather jacket with.

3.     Do Choose a Slim-Fit

We’re aware that baggy and oversized clothing is back in fashion, but leather jackets are not suitable for this trend. Slim-fit leather jackets should be your go-to because along with being classy, they also make you look a lot smarter and well-dressed than a baggy fit.

4.     Don’t Put It near Heat

If your leather jacket absorbs too much heat over a period of time, it will become dry and lose its softness and moisture. The lack of moisture will eventually make your jacket crack and chip off. Keep your jacket only in cool spots so you can retain its softness.

5.     Don’t Machine-Wash It

Leather is a stiff material which needs to be cleaned by hand. If you chuck your leather jacket into a washing machine, you will not only damage the material but may also cause it to bleed out its color. Machine-washing leather jackets is a cardinal sin in the world of fashion, so make sure you know exactly how to properly hand-wash one before you buy it.

6.     Don’t Keep It Folded

Leather is not a material you can fold and stuff into your closet. You need to have a space where you can properly hang your leather jacket and keep it straightened out at all times. Also be careful about which type of hanger you’re using because certain materials like metal can de-shape your jacket as well.

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