5 Silly Myths about Leather Jackets That You Can Live Without

biker leather jacket for women

Leather jackets have been around for more than a century. And while the buzz around them has never really died, it has given way to quite a few misconceptions.

From the colors and styles, to who can wear them and who can’t—there are a whole lot of rules surrounding leather jackets, but many of these are also just myths and make no sense.

For instance, who said white leather jackets look better on women and not as good on men?

Here are a few other myths your fashion game can do without.

Leather Jackets Are Only Good When Black or Brown

While black and brown are the most common and versatile options when it comes to leather jackets, they are hardly your only choice. From Kristen Stewart’s red and white leather jacket in Charlie’s Angels to Rihanna rocking a green leather biker jacket, there are plenty of celebrities pushing the boundaries in the leather jacket world, and you can follow their footsteps too.

Leather Jackets Are Too Difficult to Maintain

In all honestly, leather jackets do require some upkeep. But that’s the case with all luxury clothing items and accessories. Real leather jackets are priceless and exclusive items to keep in your closet so naturally, their maintenance requires some effort.

But that being said, the maintenance is nowhere near as challenging as people make it sound.

You Can’t Wear More Than One Leather Item at a Time

We’re not sure who started this rumor, but not only is it silly, it’s also inconvenient.

Most belts are also made of leather. But according to this rule, a person who’s wearing a leather jacket can’t put on a belt (which very well may be necessary), because that’s two leather items. See, silly and inconvenient.

So, please feel free to dispel this rumor and put on a leather belt, and also throw in some chic leather boots with the jacket! Just make sure it’s all the same shade of leather though.

You Can’t Wear Leather Jackets in Summers

A lot of people think leather jackets are too warm to be worn in the summer. But the truth is that real leather is quite breathable and will usually adjust to the weather. The only thing you need to check is whether it has a warmer lining like some quilted or fur leather jackets.

Moreover, you can always pair it up with simple shorts, light crop tops, and tennis shoes to stay cool despite the heat.

Leather Jackets Are for Goths and Members of Biker Gangs

Over the years, leather jackets have become a stereotypical symbol for motorcycle gangs. Because they look ultra-cool and are pretty sturdy, they are preferred by bikers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be worn by other people.

Leather jackets, especially womens leather jackets can be styled in a million ways to suit anybody’s style and aesthetic.

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